Heartsaver® CPR in Schools

Price: $25.00
If a family member, friend or infant in your care had a cardiac or first aid emergency in your presence, could you recognize the signs and respond quickly and appropriately? The American Heart Association has developed a variety of training kits and courses to teach you lifesaving skills. This course teaches middle and high school students lifesaving skills. The classroom-based course has a unique appeal to students with its training video featuring teen interviews and edgy video footage.
Specifically designed for middle and high school students. For schools that want to provide CPR and AED training to their students and also want their students to receive a credentialed course completion card.
Length depends on which modules are taught: CPR and AED: 4 hours for all modules 3 hours for all modules, except infant CPR and choking and infant CPR and mask CPR Only: 3 hours for all CPR modules 2 hours for all CPR modules except infant CPR and choking and infant CPR with mask
Heartsaver CPR in Schools Course Completion Card. A NON-CERTIFICATION COURSE.
Written Exam/Skills Test